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Permits, Licenses & Forms

Completed applications can returned to:

          City Hall

          223 South Main Ave.

          Rugby ND 58368

          Fax: 701-776-6181


Armory Rental Application

Please contact City Hall at 701-776-6181 to check availability.  Events will not be added to the schedule until completed application is received at City Hall. 



$180.00 per day – gym without carpet tile


$475.00 per day with carpet tile (determined by City Hall)


$25 per day – kitchen


$100.00 per event- to rent a temporary electrical service panel.  Once service panel is returned to City Hall, a refund of $100 will be issued.

            If panel is not returned, no refund will be issued.


Gaming Permit Applications

All applications must be approved by the Rugby City Council.  Please return completed application to City Hall prior to the first Monday of each month in order to be added to the agenda.



Bingo, Raffle, Sports Pool, Poker  $10.00

Calendar Raffle  $25.00



Local or Restricted Event Permit Application

State Gaming License Application - This gets turned into the State, not the City.

Gaming Site Authorization Application

Building Permit Application
Planning & Zoning Applications

All applications must be approved by the Rugby Planning & Zoning Commission, which meets on the second Monday of each month.  Please return to City Hall one week prior to the meeting.

Fee:  $70.00

Application for Employment
Automatic Payment Form ACH
Citizen Complaint/Concern/Request Form
Liquor/Beer License New Applicant Personal Info
This form must be completed and turned in with any new applications.
Liquor/Beer License Application - New Applicant
All applications must be approved by the Rugby City Council.  Please return completed application to City Hall prior to the first Monday of the month, in order to be added to the agenda.  This application must be approved prior to applying for a State Liquor/Beer License.
Alcholic Beverage License Renewal Application
Liquor/Beer License Floor Plan
This form must be accompanied with any new applications and with renewals. 
Parade Permit Application
Renaissance Zone Application

Application Fee $50.00

Applications must be approved by the Renaissance Zone Committee (which meets on the third Wednesday of the month, if there are applications filed) and the Rugby City Council.  For more information, contact the City Auditor, Jennifer Stewart, at 776-6181 or email her at

Transient Merchants & Peddlers Applications

Must obtain proper licensing with the ND Attorney General's Office at 

Fee:  $25.00 per day

Tax Exemptions

Tax Exemptions are available for new residential construction, builders, and new and expanding businesses.  For more information, contact City Hall at 701-776-6181 or the Rugby JDA at 701-776-7655.  Applications must be approved prior to construction.

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