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Sewer Information

When There Is a Sewer Backup

Your city employees work diligently to ensure the city’s sewer lines are free flowing.  Yet there are instances when debris becomes lodged in a sewer line creating blockage that results in a backup. When the city is notified a sewer line is blocked they respond as rapidly as possible. If, however, there is a backup into your premises it does not mean the city is liable for any resultant damage or clean up costs.

In most instances of a sewer backup there is no liability on the part of the city. Fortunately, the insurance industry has endorsements to your homeowner’s or business insurance that will provide for cleanup costs and damage to your premises or personal property caused by a sewer backup. If you currently do not have this coverage, contact your insurance agent. In the case of homeowners insurance, limits of coverage available for cleanup and damaged property range from $2,000 to $25,000. Businesses may find higher limits of coverage available.

To ensure funds are available for cleanup and repair of a sewer backup contact your insurance agent.


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